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When can I enrol my child?

For the following courses we recommend you enrol your children at these ages:

Maktab- Age 4, when your child starts reception.  

Urdu class- Age 9, when your child starts year 5. 

Aalimah class- Age 10, when your child starts year 6.

Term Dates

Summer Holiday July/August 2022

1/08/22 - 6/09/22

First Term Holiday (December)

26/12/22-8/1/23 - Maktab

26/12/22-2/1/23 - Aalimah 

Ramadhan (Annual Holiday)

21/3/23- 23/4/23

May half term holiday 

29/5/23 - 2/6/23

Summer holiday July/August 2023 

24/7/23 - 31/8/23 - Maktab

31/7/23 - 31/8/23 - Aalimah

How many students are there?

We currently have 250 students.

What language are the subjects taught in?

Our course is taught in Urdu and English.

What is the uniform?

Our uniform comprises of a plain black jabbah with an elbow length black burkha.

No makeup, strong perfume, tight fitted jackets or jewelry/accessories are allowed.

What are the Madrasah times?

We start at 5:00pm and finish at 8:00pm Monday to Friday.

How often are exams?

We have 3 annual exams spaced evenly over the course of the full year. 

Our year commences in September and ends in July. Parents are informed prior to the oncoming exams.

How frequent are parents evenings?

We hold a parents evening after every exam.

Will I get a certificate at the end of my course?

A certificate is provided at the end of the 8-year Aalimah course.

How do I report my child(s) absence?

Every child is given a planner at the start of the year, the absences can be noted in there.

Alternatively, you can ring in at 01204 361786 to report absences for students in Maktab and Momena classes. 

And for students studying the Aalimah course, you can ring in at 01204 362786

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