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Madrasah Rawdhatus Saalihaat, is an institution focused on the nurturing of young girls in the field of deeni ilm. It was first established in 2009, with only 3 students. With the ever expanding figures, by the grace of Allah, today 250 students of different ages, together form the close network we call our Madrasah. 
Our madrasah is also home to 32 of the most respectful and knowledgeable female teachers. Our students are incredibly lucky to have such honoured examples to learn and take heed from. 

Our Maktab and Momenah Apas 

Umme Mohammed

Umme Zaid

Humayrah Apa

Sabeeha Apa

Umme Yahya

Afzaa Apa

Maaria Apa

Bint Mohammed 

Jameelah Apa 

Umme Ahmad

Umme Adam

Umamah Apa 

Our Aalimah Apas 

Umme Aymen

Umme Waleed

Umme Huzaifa

Umme Qays

Umme Aaminah

Bint Muhammed

Umme Hassaan

Umme Abdul Hafeez

Umme Muhammad Hishaam

Umme Aa'ishah

Habibah Apa

Umme Adam