Miftaahul Qur'aan- the key to the Qur'aan 

The course is a study of the Arabic language alongside the study of the famous text ‘Qasasus Nabiyeen’ –the stories of the Prophets.

This course aims for students to then continue to study the Noble Qur'aan with Tafseer and translation.



40 Hadith

This course is a study of 40 Hadith with detailed explanation.

Students will be encouraged to learn Ahadith in order to gain the virtue of ‘whosoever learns 40 Hadith will enter paradise’(aw kama qaal).



The Fiqh course aims to educate the student of the essential everyday masalahs.

A must for every woman.

The Messenger of Allah said, "Treat your children with kindness and affection. Take care of their moral upbringing." 

-[ibn majah]